Smoke planning – Part 2

Got up to a very windy hangar today .. force 8 outside .. and the time to offer up the oil tank to the front seat

Then .. try it with stick full back

Then to offer up the injectors .. these are high quality parts with all the fittings provided by Smokin Airplanes …

Making sure that the braided oil lines are placed to offer the line of least resistance and sit nicely against the exhausts

Running PTFE tape around the threads

Good chance to have a look around the engine after the last 15 hours or so .

Paul from TLAC has kindly provided some useful input figures that I didn’t have for this MOD .. to aid calculating the ‘G’ factors in respect of ‘crash load’ I need the following

Forward and Rearward load = x 9

Vertical up and down load = x 6

Side to side load = x 4.5

So .. with a tank and pump combined weigh of 19.7kg

Forward = 19.7 x 9 = 177.3

Vertical = 19.7 x 6 = 118.2

Side = 19.7 x 4.5 = 88.65

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