Smoke system – securing

The LAA have asked that the smoke oil tank is secured suitably to withstand .. wait for it .. 9G …

I had planned a slightly more complicated cross over bar arrangement as this would match the aircraft internal structure but then thought … hang on .. this is a bit over engineered

I needed something that was simple to fit .. easy to remove .. easy to stow any elements that would stay permanently in the aircraft and yet be really strong.

The rigging setup on the Sherwood is a,azingly string and yet simple to manufacture so .. decided to use 3mm multi core stranded steel wire .. thimbles and turnbuckles to give me some ‘fit and secure’ flexibility.

All parts are stainless or steel … and it was fun to borrow Bob (Wright’s – CIAS) nicorpess huge pliers again … 3 tonnes of pressure when swaging.

… the quick release crampon means it should be a very neat cockpit fit with no loose flapping bits.

I also started to connect the jumper cables on the switch, fuse, switch and relay … as I have co located the fuses and switch the wires can be cut down to cm …

Just need to decide if I’m going to mount the ‘momentary’ switch to the stick … this is armed once the main smoke switch is thrown … cool eh 🙂

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