Spider off and bolts visible

Cut off a few cable ties to free some of the cables that were tied securely to the spider …

Labelled some of the cables for later re join

Slackened the 4 bolts securing the spider to the backplate … capturing the small 8mm nuts at the front end and their washers so they can be returned to the same position

Some of the supporting plinths stayed in position so easing the spider out ‘square’ was tricky … taking care not to pressure the alternator stators

The port mag decided to stay on its plinth so removed it in situ and can separate away from the engine bay. Having released the alternator pair of charging cables slipped through the centre hole and the spider could be lifted away. Boy, the magnets are strong and take some pull to get the unit out.

Wih the stator out .. you can now, finally see the 6 x 5/16 bolts that secure the flywheel in position

Now the job of locating a good quality Allen socket head to get good purchase on these … after considering whether to try the pencil flame idea of pre heating

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