Prep for ferry flight

Just ordered the last bits for the 100 hour service and prep for the ferry flight back to the U.K. …

I’m currently stuck at home due to enforced quarantine after a 4 day trip to the U.K. so .. to save me from going mad in 1 room … I’m getting the planning ready … the new Flywheel boats just need torquing up to 39nm Tehran everything can go back in for a ground run and test ….

Mags have been cleaned whilst out and new plugs will be going in

Carburettor has been drained and inspected for any debris in the bottom .. absolutely spotless as I have a micro Andair inline filter

The route I plan won’t be my normal head 360 then 020 to overfly Goodwood … any degree of headwind against such a draggy aircraft would put me on fuel limits before the South coast was reached … so plan is far more interesting

Once we get French landing clearance the route will be Jersey, Caen, Deauville, Abbeville, Le Touquet, Headcorn or Lydd, Southend ..maybe … then onwards to wherever we buy the house

I would like to overnight in Abbeville if lockdown allows … so cool to park your ‘plane next to a low hedge .. hop over to your room and restaurant….

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