Short trip before the weather changes – Beccles

Will .. my middle son,who is frustratingly waiting for a combination of aircraft and weather window to complete his qualifying cross country suggested we get the Ranger out and pop to his training base at Beccles for breakfast.

2 pax and full fuel does take her close to limits and the grass was pretty wet at Priory but the base is also pretty firm … even though it was pretty cold and damp he engine warm up was fairly quick .. to 50’ oil temp ….so backtrack to take the 19 southerly take off and then head for the Suffolk coast

Beccles asked for us to extend the landing and miss the grass as pretty waterlogged .. touching down on the tarmac … still need to practice turnarounds by unloading the tail and blipping throttle

Great welcome by super friendly team at Beccles and free coffee as flown in ..

Keeping an eye on Parachute Caravan and canopy drops before getting the “all canopies down” clearance … then Caravan out straight away and we have around 15 mins to get out and off before they drop again and circuit and departing have to wait … seems to work …

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