Leaving Cromer … smoke and crosswind

Leaving a very cold Cromer at the weekend … I’d connected up the smoke … and requested a bit of smoking on departure

A bit of a crosswind on departure ..as the smoke moves Eastwards … also need to tighten that camera bracket for grassy bumps 🤣

2 thoughts on “Leaving Cromer … smoke and crosswind

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  1. My hangar partner has the same smoke oil problem with his RV-8 … didn’t know the injector nozzle could be removed. Something to do now.

  2. I didnt think it would soot up .. but obvious I guess .. given where it is located .. so one to add to regular maintenance checks …
    Somkinairplanes stress to take care undoing the nozzle.. but it’s got sides to it .. so you can get a small spanner on …

    Looks just like a cooker gas jet size and shape 😀

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