Getting into the Ranger

Getting into the P1 (rear) seat is certainly easier than the P2 (front) seat but it’s still a bit of a sequence … I’ve put footholds both sides .. so you can be left or right footed to get aboard

Climbing aboard you need to have the straps out of the way … but accessible .. you then put a foot into the L or R foot hole and use the cabane bars to pull up. Get a leg up and over and a foot onto the seat …

Then you need a good bit of lower limb movement to get the second leg up and over. This is getting progressively harder .. so need to introduce some pre limbering up and stretch exercise every week !!!

Once you are now facing the front …. Both feet on the seat ..then take the weight using cabane struts L and R … to then ease your legs inwards and forwards straddling the passenger seat (in front) but also making sure you also straddle the rudder cables from the rudder pedals

Then you have to make sure your arms and head or upper torso DO NOT catch the screen ..which is fragile and can crack if caught

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