UK flying low level

I gather a very useful service has been trialled and now going live for low level GA and Military in the UK

Since moving over to Norfolk 18 months ago I’ve been getting used to different radio ‘regime and use’ .. it seems very many local VFR would prefer not to talk to anyone ..outside controlled airspace … me .. being used to the full Jersey Service find it unnerving not talking to anyone!

My usual trips down to Jersey involve much military.. UK and US .. and also large CTAs around Stansted and Southend and Gatwick

I’ve found London Info excellent … but they ‘cover’ almost the entire UK .. so my (non required- but freely given) occoasinal position reports aren’t for them but others in proximity and I find the reciprocal very useful .. hearing where others are and intentions

Article in LAA mag this month. 130.490 available air to air deconfliction civilian and military Class G below 2,000 ft in UK airspace. I’d been aware of the trial some time ago but not that it was now permanent.

Will certainly use this military mix option given the propensity of shared airspace with F15s F35s Hercules and Osprey (rotating wing variety)

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